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Nov 2014

Thanks to David Flemming at Packrat Video Games, Protector and Y*A*S*I cartridges are available again!

Dec 2005

Bad news...
I've been a bit poorly and haven't really been up to coding and stuff, so all projects are temporarily on hold.

4th Nov 2004

New game for the Atari 2600 on it's way: Man Goes Down

16th Nov 2003

Protector and Y*A*S*I released!

12th Oct 2003

I've been working on the VecLink again. Check out my Maze Demo (now known as Berzerk Arena).

17th Apr 2003

All 100 copies of Protector - Limited Edition reserved/sold! (Wow, that was quick!)

26th Mar 2003

Protector - Limited Edition for the Vectrex released!

Special thanks to Richard Hutchinson, Rob Mitchell, Sean Kelly and all who assisted during development.